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Hi Everyone,

Check this out when you have a second. This is a video of Marcus fixing my car, from the beginning to the end. Because of his skills, I didn't have to spend $300 on Friday to buy a part that was malfunctioning. Now he told me that I might have to buy it sometime in the future if I get the same "Check Engine" light. . .BUT. . . the main thing for me was I DIDN'T have to buy it on Friday!


He explains, step-by-step, what he was going to do and what he expect the results to be. AWESOME! He is a great auto tech. I had to share this with you.

-- Richard C. Witt

Update of the above repair and maintenance:

I wrote the above statement after Marcus completed the service call on October 2011.  It has now been two year and four months [28 months] and I'm still driving with the same Throttle Body.  I asked Marcus to come by and check on it in May of 2013 (Approximately ) and he opened it up but it was very clean and didn't need it.  So he has saved me a lot of money with his skill and knowledtge.  -- Richard C. Witt

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